Bus travel with your kiddos

May 10, 2022

Whether it’s a vacation or a visit with relatives, planning a trip with children is stressful for even the most organized parent. Kids love adventure, but sometimes, the journey required to get to the fun part is too much for them to handle. A calm, cheerful trip is a total possibility with the right planning. Follow the five tips listed below to make bus travel with kids uneventful — with Limetime Shuttle Services. 1. A wide Variety of Snacks – a great idea! Snacks are the key to happy travels.

It’s surprising how many ailments are cured by the sight of a child’s favorite food, which makes them important on bus trips. A good rule of thumb is to bring along a variety of snacks — at least one option per hour of your journey, focus on healthy options to avoid the hyperactivity of a sugar rush. Pack a lunch box with easy-to-eat, non-messy things, but remember to skip heavily fragrant options to avoid disrupting other passengers. Not only will these delicious snacks you ward off hunger-related tantrums, but you’ll also get to benefit from your delicious ideas by having some for yourself.

2. Plan and think of Multiple Activities An important part of a successful travel is activities to keep your kids busy. Just like a hungry belly is sure to cause a meltdown, boredom will result in emotional upheaval. Luckily, it’s easy to keep children occupied for hours on end with both traditional and digital diversions. A tried-and-true occupation is coloring books, which is also an activity that interests kids (and adults) of all ages. Pre-download movies or television shows to a tablet, phone, or laptop to ensure you don’t experience any reception interruptions.

3. Make Bus Travel with Kids Easier with Headphones Noise-canceling headphones are a must-have for bus travel with kids, especially toddlers and infants. A happy, well-rested child is much easier to work with than a restless, tired one, so it’s important that you set your little one up for a successful sleep. You’ll not be able to avoid honking from nearby vehicles or the sounds of a busy roads. This is where noise-canceling headphones make their miraculous entrance! Simply slip them on your child’s head and allow them to rest in peace.

4. Prepare for Unexpected Messes As a parent, you’re probably used to tackling spilled drinks, food-covered clothing, and diaper leaks on a regular basis, so normally, you’re prepared for anything. Before the day of your departure, make a list of everything you need for unexpected messes, like baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and diapers. If your trip is over a few hours long, it’s wise to also bring a few extra sets of clothing on board. 5. Dress Everyone Comfortably A comfortable child is a happy child, so choosing the right clothing is a valuable aspect of planning for bus travel.

While buses are substantially more comfortable than other modes of transportation, sitting for long periods of time becomes uncomfortable in the wrong outfit. Successful bus travel with kids is reliant on planning ahead, and with a few simple steps, you and your kiddos will have a fun, exciting, and relaxing trip. Purchasing bus tickets for the whole family also just got easier with Limetime Shuttle Services.

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