May 5, 2022

Our shuttle service means no stressful, expensive commute for your employees, family or friends, less vehicles on the road. This all adds up to putting you in the driving seat when it comes to being safe and more conscious about leaving your carbon footprint.

But where should you start?

It’s easy, but we would say that. We have years of experience and a lot of pride in our ability to provide travel logistics for organisations, staff, events and visitors and holiday traveler’s.
One phone call is all it takes for one of our expert consultants at Limetime Shuttle Services to start work on your transportation.

We consider the risks for each route, for example potential road closures and heavy traffic to set up failsafe contingencies should the need arise. In other words, we always try to make your ride as safe and efficient as possible.

Our teamwork and communication make us agile

Our relationships are positive and productive; we enjoy creating long-standing partnerships with clients. Our dedicated consultants at Limetime Shuttle Services are always on top of things and ensure a service that’s as smooth as possible, so that we are one step ahead when it comes to risks, diversions, and timetable changes.

Compliance is our starting point

Compliance at every level has always been inbuilt at Limetime Shuttle Services it’s how we assure the safety and confidence of our clients, passengers, and team. Not every event or organisation requires in-depth compliance assistance, but when you do, we’re on hand to deliver. From managing driver accreditation, to the standard of our vehicles or assessing of Covid risk and required adaptations, we can do it all, to ensure you meet the needs of service level agreement.

Our shuttle service is bespoke, designed for your budget

Limetime Shuttle Services are tailored to you, as well as to your budget.

Wherever you are in the country and whatever the travel needs of you have, our incredible access to transport resources means we can offer the most competitive rates.

Car free, relaxed holiday or a quick visit to your beloved family or friends, Limetime Shuttle Services deliver so many benefits and you don’t have to do a thing except get in touch.

Talk to our expert consultants today to get set up with the best travel experience.

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