Benefits of a Shuttle Service

Travelling with a shuttle service can be much more relaxing than you think.  We spare you the time and effort of going through the process of getting the maps and setting out your travel route.  You do not have to be concerned about keeping your eyes on the road, Limetime Shuttle drivers are specifically chosen to make your trip one of the most relaxed trips that you have ever taken.  They will not exceed the speed limit and obey by the road traffic law. Your safety is our #1 priority and therefore you can sit back relax and enjoy the ride.  If you want to take a trip as a group, you can book a charter with Limetime Shuttle and you will have the privacy you need to enjoy your stress free trip with your family, friends or colleagues.   

You can view the prices on our tariff page.

You can view the times and locations on the Pickup page.

For more information you can contact our office on 086 999 0978

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018